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Though many people know about license sbobet has, but it doesn’t guarantee if they believe it at once so you need to other proofs that make you so sure.
Sbobet Became Sponsor for Premiere League

Many people do not believe directly to online bookmaker or known as betting agent master. If people play online betting game, what they want are safety, comfort and also proof to make them so sure if they don’t make any mistake in choosing them as agent.

Sbobet is the one for some people. However, others will not agree on this and they want to make sure if they are right in choosing betting agent. You might not believe this but this master agent is so popular in Europe and many soccer teams used this as their official sponsorship.

Sbobet Were Used as Sponsor for Some Teams on Premiere League
If you are a Premiere League maniac or you love watching Premiere League, you must be ever seen some jerseys of certain team on it. In every jersey, you may see sponsorship’s logo or name and you may find the name of Sbobet on it several years ago. Yes, this agent has become the official sponsor of one popular team in Premiere League which is West Ham United during 2012-2013 season.

Before that, they were also the official sponsor of Cardiff City when in 2010-2011 season. They were not only sponsor but their name was written on the jersey as well. You don’t believe it but the truth is, back in 2009 during October, this agent was pointed to be the representative of Premiere League to expose all youth and also introduce about gambling. You could see their name on shirts of youth academy belonged to Cardiff.
The popularity was not only for that because you can see in August 2013, around 5 teams on premiere league agreed to cooperate with them as sponsor which were Norwich City, Hull City, Southampton, West Ham and Swansea. After knowing the truth, you know Sbobet and is trusted.