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On-line documentation. Table of contents.


Getting Started
Case 1 - Monitoring usage of your computer
Step 1. Configuring the logger
Step 2. Viewing data - Basic reports
Step 3. Viewing data - Advanced reports
Step 4. Hiding Boss Everyware
Case 2 - Monitoring usage of multiple computers
Step 1. Preparing a common logger configuration
Step 2. Deploying the loggers
Step 3. Viewing data
Step 4. Changing configuration of installed loggers

Collecting data - Logger and Logger Configurator
What are the log files?
How to control the logger?
E-mailing logs
Uploading logs to an FTP server
Logger Configurator pages - Startup
Logger Configurator pages - Log file
Logger Configurator pages - Schedule
Logger Configurator pages - Data
Logger Configurator pages - Security
Logger Configurator pages - Deploy
Logger Configurator pages - License

Viewing collected data - Report Manager
Using the Report Manager
Specifying where to get data
Arranging columns
Filtering data
Grouping data
Sorting data
Formatting data, keystrokes
Report grid appearance

Limiting access to Boss Everyware
Password protection
Writing to a write-only location
Preventing Logger from termination
Hiding Boss Everyware
Uninstalling a hidden Boss Everyware

Monitoring multiple computers: a task made easy
Logger configuration files
Deploying the loggers
Uninstalling a deployed logger

License agreement